The sky’s the limit when it comes to energy efficiency! Solar Impulse, a project that has developed an airplane that can fly both day and night solely on solar energy is an excellent example of how natural energy resources, advanced materials and modern engineering can work miracles to address increased energy demands. What will you do to save energy?

The following kit helps teachers introduce the concepts of solar energy and advanced engineering materials to discuss how to best supply the world’s population in the most sustainable way. It is targeted to pupils between the ages of 14 and 18 years. This kit is brought to you by FuturEnergia, an educational initiative that aims to provide a neutral platform for discussion and debate on the benefits, pros and cons of materials that contribute towards energy efficiency.

The Solar Impulse kit consists of:

1. An introduction to energy efficiency in the classroom with examples of multidisciplinary approaches to raise awareness across a number of subject areas.

2. An overview of solar energy and photovoltaics to demonstrate how advanced materials can contribute to energy-efficient technologies.

3. A brief outline of the Solar Impulse project as an example of innovation energy efficiency.

4. A set of guidelines to help teachers prepare for an expert’s visit to their classroom as part of the FuturEnergia events. Resources include lesson plans, hands-on activities and preparation and
follow-up advice to host an energy expert.

Download the Solar Impulse kit (pdf)

Host a Solar Impulse expert at your school!

Sometimes the most impactful way to explain and discuss how industry is dealing with today’s energy challenges with pupils is to allow them to converse directly with it. Pupils can present their opinions, challenge ideas and ask questions to experts from industry in a unique educational context.

FuturEnergia will be organising visits with Solar Impulse experts to selected schools in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. In addition to introducing the concepts of solar energy, this kit can also help you to prepare for a Solar Impulse expert visit at your school, should you be selected.

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