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Building a sustainable future 1 March 2012

This chat was about innovation in plastic materials increasingly used to make the Building&Construction sector more energy efficient. Experts from the sector answered questions on how innovative materials can help create highly performing buildings with low energy demands and thus, protect the climate. Learn more on the transcript.

Marine Litter, a global societal challenge, 16 April 2012

This chat addressed the complex and multi-dimensional problem of marine litter that affects the world’s oceans and seas. Plastic litter is harmful for marine life and has an impact on a truly global scale.
Despite rising media and political attention the magnitude of the problem is still largely unknown. Download the transcript

Bioplastics, the beginning of a new era? 31 May 2012

Promising research and development currently under way in Europe might soon allow for the production of plastics from CO2 emissions. But what do we mean when talking about bioplastics? What are their benefits? Will they help to fight litter?
The chat aimed at giving an understanding of the newest members of the plastics family. Read the transcript online.

Plastics on the pitch 19 June 2012

The chat tried to explain how plastics have revolutionised sports in recent years. From tracks on which Olympic athletes pursue new records to shoes, clothing, safety equipments (helmets, kneepads) and stadium construction (water and drainage pipes, seats, roofing), modern sports heavily rely on plastics.
The chat gave teachers and students the opportunity to raise questions directly to a former Olympic champion in slalom canoeing. Read more on the transcript.