Energy Scouts Competition: Winners announced

European Schoolnet and PlasticsEurope are pleased to announce the winners of the Energy Scouts Competition which is part of the “Energy is our Future” school programme. The jury, which was composed of European experts, decided to award three of the best entries.

The competition involved students that have been identifying positive examples of energy and resource-saving initiatives in their local communities. The competition aimed to encourage students to acquire civic skills and develop appropriate energy-saving behaviours.

The competition was open to students 10-16 years of age in the European Union, Candidate and EFTA Countries. The competition entries were either a movie or two photographs accompanied by an explanatory text. They resulted from cross-curricular classroom activities that involved more than one school subjects such as sciences, civics, languages, social sciences, art and computer science.

Energy Scouts Competition Winners

1st Prize Winner: Το παραμύθι της γης (The Earth Tale), Cyprus

2nd Prize Winner: Od otpadnog jestivog ulja do biodisela (From waste cooking oil to biodiesel), Croatia

3rd Prize Winner: Por um Kilowat a menos! (For a Kilowat less!), Portugal


The competition winners will receive a digital camera. The schools of the winning students will receive the FuturEnergia trophy and a certificate of participation and will be visited by a PlasticsEurope delegation, local politicians and media.

Further information

The winners of the Design Competition, which is the second competition of the Energy is Our Future School programme, will be communicated in the forthcoming weeks. Given the complexity of the entries the jury needs more time to make a decision. The Design Competition required participants to provide creative solutions to a number of four scenarios.

Both Energy is Our Future competitions closed on 31 May 2009 following a campaign with two collective prizes, one for the month of April and a second one for the month of May 2009. The collective prizes went to the schools that contributed with the highest number of entries to the two competitions. A collective prize consisted of 26 iPod shuffle - 25 for students and one for the coordinating teacher.

Valentin Peternel and his students from the Srednja šola tehniških strok Šiška, in Slovenia won the FuturEnergia collective prize for the month of April 2009, while the May’s collective prize went to Rada Mazganska and her students from SUGS “Vlado Tasevski”, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia.