Saving Energy and Protecting the Climate: Together, yes we can!

On 17 February 2011, a tone-setting event on energy efficiency took place at the European School Brussels III.

Two experts, Jean-Pierre De Grève - PlasticsEurope - and Richard Thommeret – Solvay – shared their expertise on materials and energy efficiency with students and their teachers at the first FuturEnergia school visit of 2011,, at the European School Brussels III.

“Our resources are finite and it is our responsibility to make sure our children have access to the same standard of living as we have today, it is therefore crucial to talk to pupils and raise awareness amongst them about the importance of energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions. Plastics offer a lot of opportunities to achieve this objective” said said Jean-Pierre De Grève, Deputy Executive Director of PlasticsEurope.

Amongst other matters of interest, pupils had the opportunity to learn about an exciting project of which Solvay is an official partner, namely, the scientific adventure “Solar Impulse; around the world in a solar airplane”. Solar Impulse's ambition is to contribute in the world of exploration and innovation to the cause of renewable energies and to demonstrate the importance of the new technologies in sustainable development (

Richard Thommeret, Marketing Manager at Solvay / SolVin took the students on a journey into the future while talking them through the Solar Impulse Project. “Exchanging views with the pupils and sharing expertise with them contributes hopefully to raise interest in sciences and encourages pupils to embrace scientific careers to ensure a pool of scientific excellence in Europe for the years to come” said Richard.

In his role as national adviser of the new pan European energy education school challenge U4energy, Cveto is encouraging Slovenian schools to master their carbon footprint and exchange experiences with peers across Europe.

The visit at the European School Brussels III marks the important place of school events in the FuturEnergia 2011 edition. All schools across Europe are welcome and invited to plan, set up and share their energy-related events with thousands of colleagues in Europe!

Mr Erik Goerens, science teacher at the European School Brussels III, was asked what he thought similar events could add to the pedagogical processes that take place in schools. “This kind of event functions as a bridge between the worlds of industry & research and the school environment. It is also a way of making students more aware of the energy question and of inspiring them to seek possible solutions. I would definitively recommend this experience to other schools.”