News on latest innovations in plastics

This page features a set of news articles that focus on the latest innovation in plastics.

Driving Innovation (English, French and Dutch)
This is a bi-monthly magazine that keeps journalists, architects, universities and interested consumers up-to-date on innovations in plastics and the huge impact they have on modern lifestyles. One can read about how these materials are constantly being integrated into a variety of products from cars and cosmetics to automobiles and aircraft. The magazine is available in English, French and Dutch, as PDF files.

Light weight racing cars made of plastic (English)
A lightweight Lotus raced into pole position during a meeting at Silverstone thanks in part to the materials it was made from. The racing car is partly made of Rohacell, a special type of plastic foam also used in applications such as rotor blades of helicopters.
Tudelad plastdunk  - en uppfinning som kan rädda miljontals liv (Swedish)
A Swedish inventor wins the “skapa” award with her plastic “Solvatten” invention. “Solvatten” is an invention which purifies water. The invention consists of a plastic container that you fold up like a book. It can clean water in 3-5 hours. All you need is a filter and sunlight that heats the water to 55 degrees. The product is being tested in India and Nepal.