Bridging Industry and Science Education

In December 2008, PlasticsEurope published an interview with Marc Durando, European Schoolnet Executive Director. The interview focused on the efforts and current strategies of the European industry to make science teaching more attractive in schools.

Answering a question about the partnership between PlasticsEurope and European Schoolnet to jointly manage the Energy is our Future (FuturEnergia) school programme, Marc Durando says: Connecting industry to young people is not only a key step towards raising awareness about the role of science in the modern world, but also a key element to ensure the progress of our society. Industry sharing information about the science behind modern innovations will help get the interest of young people and motivate them to get closer to science, which may also encourage young people to embrace science as a future career.

The interview was published with the permission of the Communication Department at PlasticsEurope. The full text of the interview is available as a PDF document (47 KB) and it is English.