Professor Jacqueline McGlade urges young people to give more courage to the world leaders at COP15

During an online debate that took place on the FuturEnergia website on 25 September 2009, Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director at the European Environment Agency urged young people to speak out and convince their governments to make a difference and contribute to a good outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) that is scheduled to take place in Copenhagen on 7-18 December 2009.

The online debate (chat) gathered 13 schools from twelve countries. The participants prepared to interact with Professor McGlade and her team of experts at the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen.

The discussion focused on climate change and the significance of and expectations from COP15.

During the debate Professor McGlade said:

Thank you everyone for all your great questions. The Copenhagen meeting will have a good outcome if we see a significant shift in dealing with the financial implications for countries that will be the first affected by climate change, for example small island states. Otherwise we will all need to be more convincing to the politicians, we will need to persuade our governments to be braver and that we will back them up. I think it is possible.

Professor McGlade encouraged students to take part in "Bend the Trend", a new initiative which "will be officially launched in Copenhagen on 13 December and we will send films and ideas out before that through the network. Putting your dot on the map of the world to show others what you are doing. We look forward to joining everyone up across the world to help give more courage to our leaders."

The goal of "Bend the Trend" is to encourage people to contribute and influence politicians and global leaders by showing their ability to pledge to do one thing to help reduce emissions.

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Pictures: Professor Jacqueline McGlade and her team during the debate


By Petru Dumitru