March 2009: Latest news from Futurenergia

This is a news selection made by the programme team to inform schools about the latest research outcomes using plastics.

“New” cell phone made of recycled bottles

Motorola’s latest addition to the cell phone market is partly made of recycled plastic bottles. In total the phone contains 25% recycled content and the housing is designed to be removed and recycled after use, which adds even more to the environmental advantages made possible by recycling plastics. Comparable articles are available in English, French and German. Information in EnglishFrench and German.

EU funding supports creative and innovative education projects

As part of the 2009 Year of Creativity and Innovation, in early March the EU held a conference showcasing how EU funding has supported a range of projects across different countries that promote creativity and innovation, with a particular focus on education. Go to this website to download the brochure highlighting individual projects. Webpage currently available only in English but French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech and Swedish versions will be online soon.

Music keyboard with revolutionary design

A plastic version of a revolutionary music keyboard used by musicians and record producers has been launched by British company C-Thru Music. High accuracy injection moulding techniques have made it possible to make greater use of plastics than in previous models, giving a number of advantages such as component reduction and increased airflow. The article is available in English.