Latest research outcomes involving plastics

In addition to the services and tools it offers, the FuturEnergia school programme also highlights the latest research outcomes using plastics, which have a positive impact on our daily lives.

The extremely stable flat screen
You can step on it, hit it with a hammer or try to destroy it in any way – it won’t work. Researchers from Arizona State University have invented a screen made of plastics that is extremely flexible and affordable. It is also energy efficient and use little material, two elements of extreme importance today. The article is available in German.
Scientists create polymer solar cells with higher efficiency levels
A new study by UCLA researchers describes the design and synthesis of a new polymer for use in solar cells with significantly greater sunlight absorption and conversion capabilities than previous polymers. Thanks to plastics, the hope is that consumers one day will be able to buy solar cells from their local hardware store and simply hang them like posters on a wall. The article is available in English.
Rail networks need plastic to connect to the Web
Connection to Internet in trains can be largely improved by using plastics reflectors able to capture satellite signals. Researchers from the University of York conceived a system of lenses in the shape of domes which can act as reflectors of satellite signals. Made out of plastic, they are not expensive to produce and their performance in signal reception is higher than the already existing glass lenses. The text is available in French.