What is the future of plastics?

On 5 April 2011, between 11.00 and 12.00 CET, the Futurenergia school programme will be hosting an online chat with Udo Tschimmel, on the subject "What is the Future of Plastics?".

Udo Tschimmel is a science journalist and TV producer based in Munich, Germany. The topics of his work include television series on

Nature Conservation
Geo II – The Face of the Earth
Germany´s National Parks
Wilderness under Contract

Scientific Research
Molecular Creation
Seeds of Hope

as well as numerous books and articles on the

History and Future of Industry
The Ten Thousand Dollar Idea – The Story of Synthetics from Celluloid to Supercomputers

Udo Tschimmel favours hot topics like World Nutrition and Technology Assessment in order to strip them of their "myths". The results are films and series based purely on scientific results – not on ideology.

On 5 April, Udo Tschimmel will be interacting with schools across Europe and discussing how polymer-based advanced materials make possible today’s cutting-edge products and technologies, and how these technologies may develop in the future.

To prepare for the chat, please consult the latest posting on the Futurenergia blog.

To take part in the chat, contact us at: futurenergia   @