April’s collective award goes to the Srednja šola tehniških strok Šiška, Slovenia

Valentin Peternel and his students from the Srednja šola tehniških strok Šiška, in Slovenia are the winners of the FuturEnergia collective prize for the month of April 2009. A collective prize consists of 26 iPod shuffle - 25 for students and one for the coordinating teacher.

Valentin Peternel and his colleagues involved many of their students in the FuturEnergia competitions. They have contributed to our competitions since their launch in November 2008. During the month of April 2009, Valentin's students submitted the highest number of entries to both FuturEnergia competitions. The entries can be seen by accessing the competition galleries: Design and Energy Scouts.

The FuturEnergia team will reward a second collective prize to the class that contributes with the highest number of entries to the two competitions during the month of May 2009. Entries will be counted by tracking down the email account of the coordinating teacher that is provided in the submission form.

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