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Host a Solar Impulse expert school visits

The best way to learn about Energy!

In 2013, 6 schools are invited to host a Solar Impulse expert visit and discover a leading scientific experiment in the field of energy efficiency.

The Solar impulse is an airplane flying around the world powered by solar energy to demonstrate the immense potential of renewable energy sources and clean technologies.

Pupils and teachers from the selected schools will have the chance to discuss with high-level experts from the industry and ask their questions in a relaxed and engaging learning context.

To help your school prepare for the visit, download the tailor-made Solar Impulse pedagogical kit.


All schools can apply for this visit, but we will give priority to schools coming from focus countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom.


1. Fill in this mini questionnaire

2. Write an entry in the FuturEnergia blog (open from 20 February 2013) to explain why your country should be chosen. (let us know if you are teaching your pupils about renewable energy, if your pupils would be able to make a presentation or to have a special activity for our experts, etc).