Terms and conditions

All schools and organisations in charge of extra-curricular school activities can encourage students to submit entries to the “Energy is our Future” school competitions and activities. The competitions and activities are open to schools based in the European Union Member States, Candidate and EFTA Countries.

1. Eligibility
Only the entries supported by a school or an organisation in charge of extra-curricular school activities will be considered. The entries must result from classroom activities which are organised, supervised and assisted by a teacher or by a group of teachers.

2. Number of entries per school
There is no limit to the number of entries that may be sent by a school.

3. Competition deadline
The deadline for submissions is 26 April 2009. Any entries that are submitted after this date will not be considered.

4. Evaluation
Evaluation will be carried out by a group of judges who are teachers of sciences, language, art and ICT from all over Europe following the closing date, in two phases, in May and June 2009.

The panel of judges will select the winners according to three main criteria:

  • theme relevance: choosing the appropriate subject(s) to suit the themes of the competitions
  • originality and aesthetics: combining appropriate techniques and methods that help create an innovative piece of work
  • visual and communicative impact: conveying a relevant and convincing message.

5. Prizes
The prizes will be awarded to the entries that, in the opinions of the judges, best feature a relevant theme, has a significant visual and communicative impact and value and prove to be original. The decision of the judges is final, and no discussion will be entered into in relation to their decision.

6. Legal and ethical issues
European Schoolnet and PlasticsEurope reserve the right to adapt the rules and awards at any time. Any notifications on possible changes will be published on the competition website and will apply from the publication date.

All participants must comply with European copyright laws. Entries may not contain statements, facts, information or quotations that may denigrate or harm any person or group of people.

Entries may not contain statements, facts, information or quotations that may encourage persecution of people on the grounds of race, opinion, nationality, sex, profession or other persuasion, nor may entries encourage crime or the breaking of laws.

7. Disqualification of entries
European Schoolnet and PlasticsEurope may decide to disqualify an entry if it has not been submitted in time, partly or as a whole; or if the entry breaks any of the rules under “Legal and ethical issues”.

8. Reproduction rights
All entries are the property of European Schoolnet and PlasticsEurope. Both organisations have the right to improve, edit, expand, modify and reproduce the entries from the date of submission.

9. General information
The competition is being managed by European Schoolnet on behalf of PlasticsEurope.

Questions about the competition can be addressed to Petru Dumitru at the following email address:

For more information about PlasticsEurope, please contact Hanane Taidi at the following email address: