Energy Scouts Competition

This activity competition is an opportunity to involve individual students in carrying out a set of tasks that aims to identify positive examples of energy and resource-saving initiatives that occur in their local communities. The competition aims to enable students to acquire civic skills and develop appropriate energy-saving behaviours.

Before taking part in the FuturEnergia competitions and activities, we strongly recommend you to read the related guidelines and have a look at some examples of competition entries to better understand what we expect from participants.

Age group

The competition is open to students 10-16 years of age, who attend schools in the European Union, Candidate and EFTA Countries.

Format of the competition entry

The competition entry may be either a movie (wmv, mov or avi) or two photographs (jpg or gif) accompanied by an explanatory text.


Contributions, in the mother tongue of the students, must be one of the 23 official EU languages or a language of the Candidate Countries: Croatia, FYROM or Turkey.

School subjects

The competition outcomes should results from a cross-curricular classroom activity that may involve more than one school subjects such as sciences, civics, languages, social sciences, art and computer science.

How to organise the competition in the classroom?

  • Teachers can invite individual students to identify positive examples of energy and resource-saving behaviour in their local communities;
  • Students are advised to download the picture of Captain Protector, our FuturEnergia Hero (PDF, 160 KB) and print it on paper;
  • Then they are invited to display the printed paper, the picture of Captain Protector, in the chosen place, to therefore make it part of the context the participants would like to highlight, either through a picture or a video as part of the competition entry;
  • Captain Protector and his friends are the winners of the “Profile the FuturEnergia Hero” which was organised during the school year 2007-2008. They became the mascot of our programme;
  • Placing Captain Protector or one of his friends in the picture is to acknowledge the efforts and initiative of the owner(s) of the place and to therefore share their example with the rest of the world;
  • The pictures of the members of the Captain Protector Club are also available as PDF files, in case participants would like to have his friends around him, while taking a picture or making a video-clip about the place they choose; The Club members are: Captain Power (PDF, 140 KB), Eco Warrior (PDF, 145 KB), Captain EnergGo (PDF, 138 KB), EnergyTron (PDF, 135 KB) and Captain R 3 (PDF, 140 KB);
  • Participants have two options for their contributions:
    • Either they make a short film showcasing the behaviour / situation by featuring the “model” of the Hero and explaining why they have chosen it. The explanation must be incorporated into the movie, as a narrative.
    • Or they take two photographs of this behaviour / situation featuring the “model” of the Hero. The photographs should be accompanied by a short text explaining why this behaviour / situation is resource / energy-efficient and for which reasons they have chosen it.


The competition winners will get a digital camera. The schools of the winning students will be visited by a PlasticsEurope delegation, local politicians and media. The schools will get the FuturEnergia trophy and a certificate of participation.

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