The Adventures of FuturEnergia Hero: Scenario 4

SuperHero versus Energy Eater

The FuturEnergia Hero finds out that his arch-enemy, the Energy Eater, has arrived in town. The Energy Eater likes to waste as much energy as possible. Our Hero wants to track him down and persuade him to change his ways. Describe how our Hero finds the Energy Eater, and what he says to make him change his ways.

Ideas for students

  • Our Hero will be able to track the Energy Eater by finding where energy is being wasted. There are lots of ways the Energy Eater will waste energy. For example, by using energy-using products wastefully (TVs or computers on left on standby, lights left on unnecessarily).
  • The Energy Eater will also find ways to make products use more energy, such as by persuading people to build houses without insulation.
  • Keep in mind that wasting resources also wastes energy, such as leaving litter rather than recycling it


Making better use of energy: What can we do?
Active learning (EN)
Le Plan Eco-Energie (FR) 
Educational Guide (ES, PDF)