The Adventures of FuturEnergia Hero: Scenario 1

SuperHero builds a new house

The FuturEnergia Hero’s house is too cold in winter and too hot in summer. He knows that he wastes a lot of energy heating and cooling his house, and decides to build a new one. Describe how he builds his house.

Ideas for students:

  • Installing features that prevent heat being lost will save energy. These could include using plastics insulation in walls, roofs and floors, or using PVC windows and doors.
  • Our Hero will need a ventilation system that keeps his house cool in summer but doesn’t lose heat in winter. Modern ventilation systems, made mostly from plastics, are able to heat air to make sure it keeps the house warm.
  • In what other ways could our Hero save energy when building his house? For example, by using plastic pipes to transport hot water.


Did you know that building with plastics saves energy and money, and protects the environment?
Plastics make great insulators and sealers which helps enormously in improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful C02 emissions.

This is an exe file to download on your computer. It is a Macromedia Flash application which may enable your students to watch a demonstration on reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and heating costs.