Profile the FuturEnergia Hero

This school activity is a competition which aims to raise awareness about energy issues and familiarise students with energy efficiency related topics. During the preparation of the competition entry the participating student teams are expected to experience peer-to-peer discussion on energy efficiency and incorporate the latest energy saving solutions and ideas into a visual composition and a text description.

Age group

This activity-competition is open to students 7-14 years of age, based in the European Union, Candidate and EFTA Countries.

School subjects

The competition may be approached in a cross-curricular manner, involving school subjects such as sciences, languages, art and computer science. It may be coordinated by one or more teachers, depending on the national school curriculum requirements.

How to organise the competition in the classroom?

Teams of three students are invited to imagine, define, draw and describe the main features (characteristics) of an imaginary cartoon character called the FuturEnergia Hero.

The participating teams are expected to produce a drawing and a text that describes the features (characteristics) of their FuturEnergia Hero, which are incorporated into the drawing. Some suggestions:

  • What does the FuturEnergia Hero look like?
  • How is the Hero dressed?
  • Where does s/he live?
  • What does s/he eat and drink?
  • Which are his/her habits?
  • Which means of transport does s/he use?
  • Which materials does s/he prefer?
  • What is his/her house like?
  • What makes him/her a Hero?

We recommend teachers to consider the above questions as the starting point of the activity in the classroom to help students discover basic information about materials and their roles in saving energy to make a contribution to a sustainable future. The basic information can be easily adapted and filtered according to the age of the students.

Format of the competition entry

The competition entry should be in two parts:

  1. A drawing portraying the FuturEnergia Hero; the electronic format of the drawing must be a jpg or gif file having a maximum width of 800 pixels.
  2. A text describing the Hero’s features (characteristics) that were illustrated in the drawing; the text length should not exceed 300 words.

The competition entry text (part 2) should be written in the mother tongue of the students, which has to be one of the 23 official EU languages or a language of the Candidate Countries: Croatia, FYROM or Turkey.


The best entry from this competition together with the best entry from The Adventures of FuturEnergia Hero (the second activity-competition) will be turned into a comic strip book that will be printed and distributed, along with the names of the winning student teams. The winning entry from this competition will be turned into a trophy that will match the winning drawing. The trophy will be delivered to the winning teams, together with the winning cartoon drawing, resulting from The Adventures of FuturEnergia Hero competition.