Teacher Guide

This guide is intended to provide basic information and some technical details that should be considered by the teachers that would like to involve their classes in the FuturEnergia competitions and activities.

Entry format

An entry (contribution) to a FuturEnergia competition or an online activity is normally composed of two parts: a text and one or more visuals.

Entries must be submitted online by using the appropriate submission forms. Each entry must be accompanied by certain information about the school, teacher(s) and contributing students.

The text of the submission can be either prepared prior to the submission or typed online in the required field of the online submission form. If the text is prepared beforehand, it should be saved on a computer. To add the text to the submission form, teachers are advised to open the text file and to proceed accordingly to copy and paste the content into the required field(s).

The visuals such as photographs, presentations or movies must be available in certain formats and sizes which are accepted by our system.

Visual format and size

The system accepts the following file formats: photo (jpg or gif), Power Point Presentation (ppt or pps), movie (wmv, mov or avi), Flash presentation (swf) or PDF. Please note that the latest Microsoft Office tools create different file extensions such us pptx or ppsx. We encourage participants to save their presentations into the most common format which is ppt or pps. Most of the website visitors may not have the latest Microsoft Office tools and they may be unable to see them online.

The file size should not exceed 2 megabytes (2 MB) for a photo, 5 megabytes (5 MB) for a presentation and 15 megabytes (15 MB) for a movie.

If a visual is larger than the accepted size limit we recommend teachers and their students to reduce the size accordingly by using the appropriate software. They can also ask for help and guidance the ICT teachers in their schools.

In the case of ppt and pps files, we strongly recommend to avoid incorporating large images which automatically increase the file size making it heavier and difficult to handle. If images must be incorporated our advice is to optimise them by using the appropriate software.

Movies or short video-clips can be compressed/optimised for the Web purposes. In the case of a compressed video, we recommend participants to preserve the larger original file, which is needed if the authors win.

The participants must make sure that the size and format of the file accompanying the text of the entry comply with the requirements mentioned above. European Schoolnet cannot accept responsibility for lost, damaged or incorrectly resized files.