Examples of competition entries

Following a number of requests from teachers all over Europe, we have published some examples of entries to the FuturEnergia competitions. The examples were created by some of the members of the Energy is our Future teacher group.

The competitions and the Energy Debates Activity are accompanied by detailed guidelines, in 21 languages (Select your language from the top right menu). Should you have any questions, please get in touch:

Examples of entries to the Energy Scouts Competition

  • Sample 1, by Trui Catteeuw, Belgium (JPG, 100 KB, English)
  • Sample 2, by Peter Rasmussen, Denmark (JPG, 120 KB, Danish)
  • Sample 3, by Anna Ananieva, Bulgaria (JPG, 150 KB, English)
  • Sample 4, by Janos Blasszauer, Hungary (JPG, 180 KB, English)
  • Sample 5, by Isabel Fonseca, Portugal (JPG, 90 KB, English)
  • Sample 6, by Alfredo de la Presa, Spain (JPG, 100 KB, Spanish)
  • Sample 7, by Rada Mazganska, FYROM (JPG, 125 KB, English)
  • Sample 8, by Tea Byholm, Finland (JPG, 165 KB, English)
  • Competition guidelines

Examples of entries to the Design Competition

Examples of entries to the Energy Debates Activity