Design Competition: Scenario no. 4

Sustainable energy

The scenario

  • To contribute to the protection of the climate means that we need to increase the use of low-carbon energy sources;
  • Many renewable and alternative energy sources are already widely used across many countries.

The challenge

Design an energy supply to meet the energy needs of a community of 10,000 people without using fossil fuels.

Questions to consider

  • What are the energy needs of a community of this size (e.g. how many kilowatt-hours are needed per person per day)?
  • What renewable and alternative energy sources could you use (photovoltaic, wind, solar, geothermal, energy-from-waste)?
  • What would be the major energy consumers in this community (transport, buildings etc.)?
  • How can you calculate the quantity of energy that would be produced by your energy system?

Supporting resources

Energy technologies of the future (21 languages)
This article gives ideas on how two renewable energy technologies may develop over the coming years.

Energy technologies of the future (English)
This text is the transcript of an online debate with a subject on the technologies of the future.

Bioenergy (English)
This webpage describes what bioenergy is, the level of bioenergy extracted in Europe and future scenarios. Bioenergy includes solid biomass, biogas and biofuels.

Small Hydro (English)
This webpage describes the current output and the prospects for small hydro plants, ideal for electrification of isolated sites, but dependent on water resources.
Wind Energy (English)
This webpage provides more information on the wind power capacity of different European countries and the extension needed for the future.

Geothermal Energy (English) 
This webpage make available some basic information about the different applications of geothermal energy; electricity and heat, as well as the prospects in Europe for extending the use of this energy.
Concentrating Solar Power (English)
This webpage offers more information about the technique and growth of concentrated solar power. Solar power towers where the light is focused at one point are among the described applications.

Ocean Energy (English)
This webpage features the future prospects and techniques of what we usually call tidal and wave power.

Plastics are heating Vienna: District heating from waste (English)
This article is about waste incineration in Vienna, modern technology, a work of art and a cult symbol.

Renewable Energy – the power of the elements (English)
It is becoming increasingly important to provide the global population with clean and efficient energy. Plastics are indispensable when it comes to generating electricity.