Design Competition

This school activity is a competition that encourages teams of students to search for information and propose a solution to one of the four given scenarios that feature a challenge (task). The competition theme relates to the fields of energy efficiency, climate protection and resource efficiency.

Before taking part in the FuturEnergia competitions and activities, we strongly recommend you to read the related guidelines and have a look at some examples of competition entries to better understand what we expect from participants.

Age group

The competition is open to students 16-20 years of age, who attend schools in the European Union, Candidate and EFTA Countries.

Format of the competition entry

The competition entry should be a text accompanied by a multimedia file in one of the following formats: photo (jpg or gif), Power Point Presentation (ppt or pps), movie (wmv, mov or avi), Flash presentation (swf) or PDF. The text should describe a solution that the participating team envisages in response to the scenario challenge.

Optional: In addition to the text description, participants are encouraged to create/design a tri-dimensional representation of their solution, if possible. The visual representation of the solution can be incorporated into the multimedia file that must accompany the text description.


Both text and multimedia accompanying file should be submitted in the mother tongue of the students. The language must be one of the 23 official EU languages or a language of the Candidate Countries: Croatia, FYROM or Turkey.

School subjects

At classroom level the competition may be coordinated by teachers of sciences, languages, social sciences, art and computer science. We recommend teachers to plan and organise the students’ participation as a cross-curricular activity that involves more than one school subject. 

How to organise the competition in the classroom?

  • A team of maximum three students, coordinated by a teacher, chooses one scenario from the given four that are published on our website: Scenario 1; Scenario 2; Scenario 3; Scenario 4;
  • Students search for specific information to help them envisage a solution to the scenario challenge;
  • The proposed solution should be a text description accompanied by a media file in one of the following formats: jpg, gif, ppt, pps, wmv, mov, avi, swf or PDF.
  • Both text description and accompanying media file should be submitted to our website.

During the preparatory activities the participating students are expected to acquire and consolidate skills of searching, classifying, categorising and summarising information. Students are also expected to experience peer-to-peer discussions and team work while completing their contribution to the competition.


There will be awarded three prizes for each of the four scenarios that is a total of 12 prizes. The first prize winning teams will be invited to Brussels to attend an exciting European event. The second and third prize winning teams will get educational software.

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