Brain Challenge no. 4

Housing a growing population: How would you do it?

If sea levels keep rising, entire regions of several countries across the World such as Bangladesh or the Netherlands could disappear. To avoid catastrophic situations where the world would have to deal with thousands of refugees, epidemic diseases etc. an intelligent housing strategy must be implemented as of now to provide decent housing for a growing population on a decreasingly habitable surface. We need to look into sustainable innovative architecture such as the “floating cities” concept.

Challenge: Wanna be a hero? Then rise to the challenge of creating clever housing solutions using the best materials available!


1. Floating City (EN)
A real project to build floating cities in the Netherlands.
2. A home that rises with the water (EN)
Discover how floating houses are made.
3. Dura Vermeer in het kort (NL)
Learn more on floating houses with the website of a Dutch company building them.
4. Une maison écologique construite en pneus (FR)
Discover the example of a house built out of tyres.
5. Construir de forma sostenible (ES)
This is an article on sustainable and ecological houses in Spain.
6. La Maison écologique (FR)
Read the Belgian magazine of ecological houses.
7. “Driving to Green Buildings: The Transportation Energy Intensity of Buildings” (EN)
Here is a very informative article on buildings and energy.
8. Living tomorrow project (EN, FR, NL)
A very innovative web site proposing new concepts for future homes.
9. “Zoom sur l'architecture durable” (FR)
Check out many links to sustainable architecture projects in the world.
10. Deux ouvrages en bois, vitrines de l’économie vosgienne (FR)
An example of house made out of wood.
11. Le journal de l’architecte
The link to the Belgian architect newspaper online.
12. Zukunft-haus (DE)
Advice and projects by the German Energy Agency to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
13. ÖKO-TEST – Gebäude: Ohne Heizung geht es auch (DE)
Advice from German environmental consumer organisation on energy-efficient housing.