Brain Challenge no. 2

Growing energy demand: How would you handle it?

According to the UN, World population growth will reach 8.5 billion by 2030, which is 2,5 billion more than today. Meeting the energy needs of this expanded population will be a huge challenge. World population energy needs relate to areas such as mobility (cars, planes, buses, trains, boats), household (cooking, heating, cooling, washing etc.), leisure and entertainment (TV, computing, sports etc.), or industry (factories, production plants etc.).

Challenge: Wanna be a hero? Choose one of the World energy needs and propose ideas how to respond to it using the most appropriate raw material such as plastics.


1. Future of the car (EN)
A demonstration of an electric sport car of the future.
2. SkySails (EN)
Clean energy applied to boats as shown on this website.
3. The life cycle of a plastic product (EN) 
What is the life cycle of plastic?
4. America's Most Advanced Eco-Friendly Residential Roofing System (EN)
Find out about a cutting-edge roofing system that saves energy in housing.
5. The Challenge of Existing Homes: Retrofitting for Dramatic Energy Savings (EN)
How to renovate old houses to make them energy-efficient?
6. Comment consommer mieux avec moins (FR)
Find out how to consume better with less.
7. Pour moins d'emballages (FR)
Find out how packaging can help reduce our energy consumption and save resources.
8. Le développement durable : “les ressources naturelles” (FR)
A France 5 educational web site on sustainable development.
9. Sources d’énergie alternatives (EN and FR) 
Check out this very complete list of alternative energies.
10. Dossier sur la consommation d’énergie de la ville de Bruxelles (FR)
A analysis on how the city of Brussels could cut out its energy spending using alternatives sources of energies.
11. Dossier sur les énergies alternatives (PDF, FR)
Check out this complete dossier on alternative energies.
12. Dossier sur les énergies renouvelables (FR)
The association for renewable energies. This link will explain it all to you!
13. Un site internet sur les véhicules propres (FR)
The internet magazine of clean energies.
14. The European wind association (EN)
This website provides a lot of useful information and links on wind energy.
15. Renewables made in Germany (EN, FR, DE, ES)
German renewable energy industries, companies and products – a website sponsored by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. 
16. Werkstoffinnovationen für Industrie und Gesellschaft – WING (PDF, DE)
German government programme to develop innovative materials for industry and society.
17. DENA – Aktuelle Projekte rund um Erneuerbare Energien (DE)
Projects by the Germany Energy Agency on renewable energy
18. Institut für Solare Energieversorgungstechnik (EN and DE)
Research projects by the German Institute for Solar Energy Logistics Technology 
19. Fördergesellschaft Windenergie
German Society for the Promotion of Wind Energy