Brain Challenge no. 1

Energy resources: How would you optimise them?

Life as we know it would not be possible without natural resources. However, resources such as coal or oil are finite and it would take millions of years before reserves are replenished. Today we are facing the challenge to conserve them and keep them as long as possible not only for us but for future generations. Therefore, besides renewable solutions and drastic changes of behaviour, we need solutions where the use of raw materials is optimised throughout its life cycle.

Challenge: Wanna be a hero? Well, rack your brains and come up with clever solutions to extend the availability of oil reserves.


1. Life in PLASTIC, it's fantastic (EN)
Find out more about how plastics enable modern life and enable us to conserve resources.
2. What are Plastics? Why are Plastics so popular? (EN)
Understand how plastics are made, and how they are the raw materials for many vital resource-saving products.
3. The life-cycle of a CD or DVD (EN)
Understand more about a product’s lifecycle using the example of a CD.
4. Plastics in buildings and constructions (EN)
Get to know more on the diverse uses of plastics with the example of building and construction materials.
5. Future Price and Availability of Oil (EN)
This is an article telling it all on the future price and availability of oil.
6. Nous avons 47 ans de réserve (FR)
Find out what Professor Jean-Marie Chevalier has to say about oil reserves.
7. Manual de educación para un consume sostenible (ES)
An educational book in Spanish on how to be a better consumer.
8. L'avenir du pétrole et du gaz (EN and FR) 
A very complete website showing an overview of oil reserves per country.
9. L’institut français du pétrole (EN and FR) 
The web site of the Institut français du pétrole.
10. De l’intérêt des biocarburants et des alternatives au pétrole (FR)
A link to a think tank created by the French Economic and Social Council.
11. Le développement durable: “Pétrole l’alternative nucléaire”  (FR)
A France 5 television show explaining the different alternatives to oil.
12. Hahn zu – Lichter aus? (DE)
Alternatives to oil use, by the German environmental consumer organisation.