The Adventures of FuturEnergia Hero

This school activity-competition encourages students to create an entry that is based on a set of five given scenarios. The scenarios aim to raise awareness about energy-related topics and consolidate knowledge about energy sub-topics such as climate change.

Teams of three students (7-14 years old) are invited to choose one scenario as the basis upon which to produce a text narrating a story and/or a comic strip composed of maximum ten tables (a set of ten drawings).

Age group

This activity-competition is open to students 7-14 years of age, based in the European Union, Candidate and EFTA Countries.

School subjects

The activity-competition implies a cross-curricular methodology. As it involves several school subjects (sciences, languages, art and computer science) we recommend teachers to work in teams to provide the participating students with the necessary information and assistance to help them acquire solid knowledge and skills.

How to organise the competition in the classroom?

Participating teams of students choose one scenario out of the five that are published on this website. Each scenario sets the scene of an episode for a comic strip or for a story. The five scenarios are accompanied by relevant background information in order to help students better study the subject and develop the task in a meaningful way.

Based on the chosen scenario the participants should develop a story, either as a text or a comic strip.


Scenario 1: SuperHero builds a new house
Scenario 2: SuperHero goes on holidays
Scenario 3: SuperHero and energy efficient vehicles
Scenario 4: SuperHero versus Energy Eater
Scenario 5: SuperHero in your school

Format of the competition entry

Two competition options are available for the participating teams:

  • Upload a text (storyboard) to the website (in mother tongue)
  • And/or upload a series of drawings illustrating the story (comic tables). They should all be collated in one image to be uploaded as a JPG or GIF picture. 


The competition entries must be in the students’ mother tongue, one of the 23 official EU languages or a language of the Candidate Countries: Croatia, FYROM or Turkey.


The best entry from this competition together with the best entry from Profile the FuturEnergia Hero will be turned into a comic book that will be printed and distributed, along with the names of the winning student teams. The winning entry from Profile the FuturEnergia Hero will be turned into a trophy that will match the winning drawing. The trophy will be delivered to the winning teams, together with the winning cartoon drawing.