What future for the next generation?
Background article

Katarína Neveďalová, Member of the European Parliament and Board Member of EU40, has decided to participate in this online chat.

EU40 is the network of Members of the European Parliament addressing those under forty years. The network is being extended to include also interesting key-people in the European Commission and the Council.

As Katarina has both hats of MEP and EU40 Board Member, you will be able to ask her what the European Parliament and the other institutions do for young people, and how young MEPs view and address politics differently.

Do you already know what you would like to do when you are older? Do you know if you would like to go to University? This chat is an opportunity for you to talk to an expert, who will be able to inform you on the future of jobs, new jobs which will appear, and careers paths which are the most successful.

It is important that you and the future students are prepared for the challenges lying ahead. Unemployment levels are rising in Europe and are affecting many young people, and yet, Europe offers many scientific jobs which stay unanswered. How do we address this? How can we increase the youngsters’ interest in Science? What can you do as pupils to be aware of future jobs?

The challenges of the future will also bring some new topics to be taught at school. Topics like energy efficiency or climate change go hand in hand with the emerging options in technical fields of study, like for example environmental engineering focusing on alternative sources of energy or green/environmental friendly infrastructure projects. What will other new topics be? How will they be related to energy and why?

Katarina is actively involved in this kind of activity also in Slovakia, where she talks to students and pupils on a regular basis. Her work with students mostly involves raising awareness on EU affairs and the opportunities the EU provides. Hence she is looking forward to talk to you on this important topic.