What teachers say about our programme?

This article summarises the feedback which was provided by some of the participating teachers in the Energy is our Future (FuturEnergia) school programme for the school year 2007-2008. The article also contains a link to a PDF document with the full set of answers.

At the beginning of the school year 2008-2009, all the participants to the Energy is our Future (FuturEnergia) school programme were invited to answer the question:

In your view, what was the major contribution of the FuturEnergia School Programme 2007-2008 to enhancing school curriculum in terms of teaching energy-related themes?

The purpose of collecting and publishing these answers was to encourage other teachers to join the programme with their classes.

According to the respondents the top ten benefits of the Energy is our Future (FuturEnergia) school programme, in terms of teaching energy-related themes, are:

  • Raising awareness about energy efficiency, climate protection and resource efficiency;
  • Enhancing school curriculum in terms of energy education content;
  • Encouraging classes to produce Web-based content by using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and a set of online tools that were available on the programme portal;
  • Providing language learning and teaching opportunities in relation to science;
  • Improving daily behaviour in terms of energy saving;
  • Taking part in the competitions provided team work opportunities;
  • Participating in online debates (chats) focusing on energy-related themes;
  • Sharing good practice examples of teaching science;
  • Enabling teachers to approach science teaching in a cross-curricular manner and therefore encouraging students to connect science to their daily lives;
  • Connecting classes to worldwide contemporary subjects such as climate change and energy challenges.

This document (PDF, 175 KB) consists of the full set of answers, which are available mostly in English and in many other European languages.