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About the Energy is our Future programme

About Futurenergia

FuturEnergia is an educational initiative that aims to provide a neutral platform for discussion and debate on the benefits, pros and cons of materials that contribute towards energy efficiency.

What teachers say about our programme?

This article summarises the feedback which was provided by some of the participating teachers in the Energy is our Future (FuturEnergia) school programme for the school year 2007-2008. The article also contains a link to a PDF document with the full set of answers.

Programme brochure

This brochure briefly describes the "Energy is our Future" school programme, its goals and activities. It also includes a welcome note from Mr. Jacques van Rijckevorsel, President, PlasticsEurope.

About "Energy is our Future"

Since 2006, the Energy is our Future school programme has made a substantial contribution to enhancing and supporting energy education across the curriculum in schools throughout Europe. The programme goal is to raise awareness of how changes in energy consumption behaviour can contribute to protect the climate and how advanced materials such as plastics can help save energy and world’s resources.

Past competitions 2007-2008

During the school year 2007-2008, the "Energy is our Future" school programme (FuturEnergia) consisted of a set of four online activities: debates (chats) and three competitions. The competitions came to an end on 31 May 2008. The competition entries confirm that young generation is aware of how energy consumption affects climate change and how advanced materials can help save energy.

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