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Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008

Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008 is a campaign of the European Commission to raise awareness and change the landscape of energy. Its goal is to change people’s behaviour to make more sustainable use of energy in the fields of energy efficiency, clean transport, fuels and renewable energy.

The campaign aims to bring people together to share their experiences around the sustainable use of energy and energy solutions. By doing so they can learn from each other and spread their knowledge around Europe on efficient use of and alternative energy solutions to address climate change.
There are a variety of ways that everyone can get involved in the campaign, from organising local Energy Days to simply taking steps to save energy at home or in a school. The campaign wants to convince as many people as possible that making a commitment to sustainable use of energy is an investment for the future of Europe.

PlasticsEurope is a Sustainable Energy Europe Associate and has decided to launch the FuturEnergia website and the activities around it to help achieve the campaign’s goals.