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Energy is our Future school competition: Nominees announced

The finalists of the Energy is our Future school competition have been selected out of 2400 entries representing schools from almost all European countries. A jury of European experts has selected twelve nominees, three in each of the four age group categories. The nominees will be invited to attend a prize-giving ceremony which will take place in Brussels in September 2007.

The theme of this year’s school competition focused on three areas:

1. saving energy solutions in the students’ immediate environment 
2. design and materials influencing energy consumption
3. renewable energy as a key solution to the energy needs of tomorrow.

The participants designed a poster which was accompanied by a slogan and a short explanatory text in one of the following languages: English, French or German.

Judging the competition entries

The evaluation of the entries was organised in two stages. The first stage aimed to shortlist the best 120 entries from the four categories and involved a group of European teachers. A jury of experts took part in the second evaluation round. They selected three nominees for each category. Both teacher group and jury used common evaluation criteria: topic relevance, originality and visual and communicative impact.

The jury was impressed by the concepts the participants incorporated into their visuals and texts, and the type of messages they convey. The wide variety of visual and artistic techniques and the various creative solutions, which were envisaged by the participants to illustrate the three thematic areas, was highly appreciated by the jury.

(Please note that the nominees are listed in alphabetical order and not in the order of their prizes)

Age group 12 and under

  • Caroline Camilleri, Can. Paul Pullicino, Malta, Marlene Caruana (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Greceanu Raluca, School 120, Martisor, Bucuresti, Romania, Daniela Theodorescu (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Ignacy Duszyński, Szkoła Podstawowa w Złotorii, Poland, Alina Skowrońska (coordinating teacher), entry

Age group 13-14

  • Aneta Kastlová, ZUŠ Domažlice, Czech Republic, Igor Šlechta (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Anna Martinusiková, Gymnázium Skalica, Slovakia, Mária Kišková (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Eliška Pilátová, ZUŠ Domažlice, Czech Republic, Igor Šlechta (coordinating teacher), entry

Age group 15-16

  • Alexandros Alexandridis, 1o TEE Ag.Dimitrios, Greece, John Bacas (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Octavian Palade, C.N. Bacau, Romania, Liliana Dumitru (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Paweł Otremba, Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 4, Poland, Elżbieta Suchińska (coordinating teacher), entry

Age group 17-18

  • Alessandra Ferrante, Istituto Professionale Statale dei Servizi Sociali e della Pubblicità, Italy, Elena Girogio (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Loredana De Lullo, II.SS. Pietro Giannone, Italy, Rachele Nardella (coordinating teacher), entry
  • Marta Puķīte, Jelgavas Spīdolas ģimnāzija, Latvia, Baiba Āboltiņa (coordinating teacher); entry

General information

The prizes will be announced at the Award Ceremony which will take place in Brussels, around 20 September 2007. The prizes consist of solar backpacks and MP3 players.

The awards ceremony will also be an opportunity to communicate and debate on a much broader scale about the European Union’s energy agenda and its contribution to sustainable energy solutions.

The “Energy is our Future” project is run by European Schoolnet on behalf of PlasticsEurope, the association of plastics manufacturers in Europe. This school year project has aimed to inspire students to influence behaviour about saving energy in their immediate environment, such as in their families and local communities.


For further questions about the project, please contact Petru Dumitru at the following email address: For more information about PlasticsEurope, please contact: Hanane Taidi at the following email address:

Petru Dumitru