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Energy efficiency is the best way to help protect the environment!

Climate-change consultancy 3C emphasised the importance of energy efficiency in fighting climate change during a live online chat with 14 schools from across Europe. The chat was organised to discuss “How to organise a climate-neutral New Year’s Eve party”. It took place on 18th December as part of the “Energy is our Future” project, run by PlasticsEurope and European Schoolnet.

Anna, Mara, Julian and Marcel from 3C stressed that “the largest greenhouse gas-saving potential lies in energy efficiency projects” to students from Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey. The chat also focused on the concept of climate neutrality and how people can act to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Anna explained to students that the term “climate neutral” refers to “the possibility to 'neutralise' emissions that occur from one activity (e.g. having a party) through saving emissions elsewhere (e.g. through using wind power)”. This is the principle behind the “Green Goal” of the 2006 FIFA World Cup: organising the entire tournament, including transport, to be climate-neutral tournament. 3C worked with FIFA to help ensure that the Green Goal was met. PlasticsEurope was proud to be an official supporter of the Green Goal, with its donation being used to support two offset projects in South Africa: replacing a coal boiler with a biomass boiler at a citrus farm in Letaba, and a bio-gas project to generate electricity at a sewage plant in Sebokeng township.

3C outlined a number of ways to reduce the climate change impact of a party, such as using energy-efficient electronic devices. Plastics are integral to making modern products such as stereos more energy efficient.

Plastics transport and packaging can also contribute to making a party climate neutral. Plastics play a vital role in making modern cars fuel-efficient, meaning you need less fuel to get food and drink home from the shops. Lightweight plastics packaging (such as drinks bottles) also means that less fuel is required to transport food and drink from place to place.

Julian from 3C concluded the chat by stressing to the students that “Climate change is a challenge, but one that we can do something about”.

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