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This section groups news about the project such as practice articles on teaching about energy at school and reports about chats. The news articles are intended to inspire both teachers and students and enrich their knowledge on energy efficiency, energy savings and renewable energy solutions.

Energy is our Future School Competition 2007: Awards Ceremony
The Energy is our Future School (FuturEnergia) School Competition prizes, in the four age categories, were announced at the Awards Ceremony that took place at the European Parliament, in Brussels, on 20 September 2007. Polish MEP Adam Gierek brought FuturEnergia’s Europe-wide poster competition on energy efficiency to a close by presenting the prizes. The prizes consisted of FuturEnergia Trophies, music players and certificates. Read more

Energy is our Future goes on
The first year of the “Energy is our Future” school programme was a great success. Through its website and online activities, the programme reached approximately 60 000 schools in 34 countries across Europe. For the upcoming 2007-2008 school year, European Schoolnet and PlasticsEurope will continue to develop the programme through new activities and a new school competition. Read more

Energy is our Future school competition: Nominees announced
The finalists of the Energy is our Future school competition have been selected out of 2400 entries representing schools from almost all European countries. A jury of European experts has selected twelve nominees, three in each of the four age group categories. The nominees will be invited to attend a prize-giving ceremony which will take place in Brussels in September 2007. Read more

Energy is our Future School Competition closes
The Energy is our Future School Competition closed on 22 April 2007. With more than 2400 entries registered on the website, the winners will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony at the European Parliament in September 2007. Read more

School Competition: Deadline extended to 22 April 2007
Since its launch in November 2006, the “Energy is our Future” project has been growing each day to offer three major opportunities to European schools: a web-based activity, online chats and a school competition. To date, over 1500 contributions have been published. Due to the overwhelming success of the school competition, an additional number of teachers have expressed their intention to participate with their classes during the upcoming weeks. The project team has therefore decided to extend the competition deadline from 15 March to 22 April 2007. Read more

Developed by ManagEnergy, an initiative of the EC Directorate General for Energy and Transport, KidsCorner provides a wealth of resources in 22 languages for teachers and pupils on climate change, solar energy, wind and hydro power, biofuels, sustainable transport, energy saving and citizenship. Read more

Europe’s students debate energy-saving potential of plastics on-line
Dr. John Feldmann, Vice-President of PlasticsEurope and board member of BASF AG, participated in a live online chat in February with students from ten schools across Europe as part of the Web-based “Energy is our Future” schools programme. Dr. Feldmann chatted to the students for an hour about issues such as insulation, recycling and energy efficiency. Read more

Learning to make a difference for the energy of tomorrow
This was the motto that motivated 16 schools in Europe to gather for an online chat on the Futurenergia website on 23 January 2007. The activity was organised by European Schoolnet and PlasticsEurope as a way to bring the EU Sustainable Energy Week to all schools participating in the “Energy is our Future” project. Read more

Energy efficiency is the best way to help protect the environment!
Climate-change consultancy 3C emphasised the importance of energy efficiency in fighting climate change during a live online chat with 14 schools from across Europe. The chat was organised to discuss “How to organise a climate-neutral New Year’s Eve party”. It took place on 18th December as part of the “Energy is our Future” project, run by PlasticsEurope and European Schoolnet. Read more

"We need engineers!"
This is the message that Dr. Rudolf Stauber of BMW gave to students from 8 schools across Europe during a live online chat on 30th November. Students from Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Slovenia talked to Dr. Stauber and each other about how future car designs will help protect the environment and how the plastics and car industries are collaborating closely to help make this happen. The chat was part of the “Energy is our Future” project created by PlasticsEurope and European Schoolnet to help raise awareness among students of energy and environmental issues. Read more

"Energy is our Future" brings energy efficiency into the classroom
On 13 November 2006, in partnership with PlasticsEurope, the association of plastics manufacturers, European Schoolnet launched the "Energy is our Future" website. The website aims to raise awareness among students throughout Europe between 11 and 18 years about the importance of energy efficiency. Through online activities and a competition, students will learn interactively to work on issues linked to energy consumption and energy savings. Read more

Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008
Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008 is a campaign of the European Commission to raise awareness and change the landscape of energy. Its goal is to change people’s behaviour to make more sustainable use of energy in the fields of energy efficiency, clean transport, fuels and renewable energy. Read more