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Benefits of plastics

These are some examples that show how advanced materials like plastics can help us save energy and will help us create a sustainable future.

A lighter world with plastics!

Plastics can even help you conserve your own energy! Plastic packaging means lighter shopping to carry home.

A cosier world with plastics!

When properly installed, plastic insulation can cut heat or cold loss at home or school by up to 70%, making it so much warmer or cooler, cosier and energy-efficient!

Capture the wind’s power with plastics!

Wind power is free but did you know that capturing the power of the wind would be impossible without plastics? Special plastics are used in the wind turbine covers and huge blades to tap into this environmentally friendly energy source!

Flying further on less fuel with plastics!

Did you know that plastics are being used to replace more and more aircraft parts? The wing boxes of the Airbus A380 use plastic fibre composites, which reduces the aircraft by 1.5 tons. The aircraft can fly further and carry more cargo using the same amount of fuel, talk about energy-efficiency!

Lighter cars with plastics!

Plastic is an ideal material for use in car manufacturing. A modern mid-range car contains about 11% plastic material components. That means less weight, less fuel consumption and therefore less CO2 emissions.

Tapping the sun’s energy with plastics!

Did you know that harnessing solar power would be impossible without plastics? Solar panels are made from plastics, and solar power is a free, highly efficient energy source!

Plastic packaging saves fuel!

Did you know that the amount of fuel a delivery truck needs could be considerably reduced if the cargo uses plastic containers? Obvious: lightweight means less fuel consumption!

Switch off the engine with plastics!

Using plastic to exploit the power of the wind can reduce a ship’s fuel consumption considerably, which means lower oil consumption and less CO2 emissions!

Keeping it cool with plastics!

Today’s refrigerators use plastics in their insulation systems to ensure that your food and drinks stay fresher and cooler for longer whilst using less energy!

More light for less energy!

Innovative technology and special plastic lenses used in today’s LEDs means that they are twice as bright as conventional types using the same amount of energy!

A better world with plastics!

Did you know that we use plastics to keep our homes warmer, our cars lighter and our food fresher? Plastics are also used to harness wind and solar energy resources cleanly and efficiently!