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Did you know that building with plastics saves energy and money, and protects the environment?

Although you may not realise it, plastics are a very important material in the building sector. In fact, roughly 20% of all the plastics used in Europe are used for products in the building industry. And after packaging, the building industry is the second highest user of plastics!

So what’s all this plastic used for? Plastics pipes for transporting water or sewage, plastics windows to ensure warmth and coolness stay in and noise stays out! Plastic flooring coverings (like you may have in your kitchen), foam made from plastic used for insulating the house and of course, plastics are also used in many different appliances – plastics are even used in the foundations of the house and the paint!

What makes plastic an ideal material for building is the fact that it can be strong, weather resistant, heat resistant and flexible. Plastics are also very light and they require very little maintenance (they do not rust or rot). This makes them ideal for the construction industry. There are also over 50 different families of plastics in existence and each one has something different to offer the construction industry.

Why is plastic so important? Well, in today’s world, energy efficiency is very essential. In fact, apart from transport, housing is the second biggest consumer of energy. Plastics make great insulators and sealers which helps enormously in improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful C02 emissions.