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Chat 6

“Future energy sources” or “The plastic bag war”

Age group: 12-19
Chat topic: “Future energy sources” or “The plastic bag war”
Date: 27 April 2007
Time: 11.00 CET
Guest: Hugo Verlomme, a French writer
Language: English

Teaching and learning resources

Biodegradable plastics: are they better for the environment?
Litter is a problem with a very negative social and environmental impact. Some people believe that one way to tackle this problem is to use biodegradable plastics as an environmentally-friendly solution for things such as plastic bags. (English)

Recycling: it is in the bag
An Indian NGO is enjoying huge success with a recycling project turning plastic bags into desirable fashion accessories, and it is using the proceeds to fund important development projects among the poor of India. (English)

LiveScience: New Biodegradable Plastics Could Be Tossed into the Sea 
American scientists are trying to address the problem of litter in the sea by developing plastics that break down in seawater. Is this the right approach? (English)

Hugo Verlomme
Hugo Verlomme is not only the author of several books but he is also into surfing and bodysurfing. (French)

Routard.Com: Le monde selon... Hugo Verlomme 
Hugo also wrote about travelling by freight, a perhaps rather unusual way of travelling. (French)
There's a new word in plastics: Innovation
Posted by Howard Lovy / Oakland Business Review
You don't need to be an auto design expert to realise something new is happening. (English)

I am a polymer! 
Even if you never cared about me, we are always together. From the morning when you wake up with the music, until the evening when you turn off your lamp, I am there, because I am a polymer. (Italian)

Hyundai et GE Plastics
QarmaQ is an advanced car technology which is developed by Hyunday for its products which will be made between 2008 and 2014. (French)